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Want to get rid of your used cooking oil and don’t know how to safely dispose of it?  Look no further, we can help you! 

Do you want to purchase used cooking oil in bulk or small quantities?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

Scope Oils is a used cooking oil (UCO) collector and recycling company. 

We remove used cooking oil from households, restaurants, kitchens, hostels..... in short, from anyone using cooking oil / vegetable oil.  The used cooking oil we collect is used as feedstock for environmentally friendly bio-fuels such as bio-diesel and in the manufacturing of various other industrial applications in both our national and international markets.  We also buy and sell used cooking oil in bulk or small loads.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you in either removing your unwanted used cooking oil, be it in small or large quantities, or in supplying you with used cooking oil for your factory or plant. 


Background / About Scope Oils

Scope Oils was founded in 2009 by John Williamson in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The company is one of the leaders in used cooking oil collections and recycling in South Africa.

Scope Oils help spread the word to educate people about ways to manage waste cooking oil and about the benefits of using biodiesel instead of normal fossil fuels. We actively promote recycling waste products and the dangers of landfill sites. Since 2009, we have played a vital part in recycling thousands of liters of used cooking oil into biodiesel and other industrial products and made a signficant contribution to lessen carbon emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. 


Cooking oil / Vegetable oil

Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

We collect used cooking oil, free of charge.  Never worry about safely disposing of your used cooking oil again.   Don’t help fill up another landfill site again!  For friendly and efficient service, contact us now to find out about a collector in your area!



Feedstock for Biodiesel

We supply biodiesel manufacturers with used cooking oil as feedstock for biodiesel production.  Contact one of our representatives to find out more.


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