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Used Cooking Oil and other waste or residue oils from vegetable or animal origin:

Scope Oils provide biodiesel manufacturers with used cooking oil and other vegetable and animal based oils as feedstock in the production of biodiesel. We also supply these waste oils to manufacturers of various other industrial products. Our product is shipped in either flexi-bags or ISO tanks, or other packaging, according to our customers’ needs.



Grease Trap Cleaning:

We make cleaning of your grease traps a breeze at very competitive prices.




Fresh Vegetable Oil:

Contact us for a quotation on new oil for your kitchen.  We have a variety of products available to suit your needs.



We work closely with biodiesel manufacturers and laboratories to ensure that our products meet our clients’ expectations and that quality product is supplied at all times.


Biodiesel Production

As far as possible, we inform our clients about the benefits of biodiesel and encourage them to use biodiesel.

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