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Used Cooking Oil Removal

Scope Oils specialises in the collection of used cooking oil for recycling.

We have strict controls in place to monitor oil from collection point to delivery to the biodiesel plant or industrial application.

Collection Control Sheets, to indicate the movement of waste from one point to the next, are issued to our clients for each and every collection. Therefore, it is possible to trace each drop of oil and give you peace of mind that you can account for your used cooking oil, disposed of in a safe way, and knowing that it is recycled, renewed and reused in an environmentally friendly product.


Monthly reports provide feedback to our clients on the quantity of used cooking oil disposed of by their organisations.  Our clients are able to immediately verify the amount of used oil disposed of and can easily determine their ratio of used oil versus fresh oil used. 

Traceability reports

Scope Oils endorses the Stewards Principle.  The Stewards Principle means that one can give account for a product from the cradle to the grave, or from the farm to the fork. Through our collection control sheets,  we are able to provide full traceability of each drop of oil… from the frying pan to the fuel pump...

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Who we collect from

We collect from everyone using cooking oil, from the household, to restaurants and kitchens, and hotels and hostels. No client too big or too small! Contact us to find out how we can assist you with safely disposing of your used cooking oil.

When we collect

Scope Oils’ used cooking oil collections run on a set schedule according to our individual customers' needs, i.e. weekly, fortnightly and monthly.  Together with each client we determine the best suitable schedule.


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